Gala Placidia
Legado de Gala Placidia

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botella de Gala Placidia

Gala Placidia

100% Garnacha

Produced from a grape variety of age-old tradition, a vine with over 60 years surviving in adverse weather conditions, with its roots developing very deep down in the earth to get the most out of its poor water resources, in soils formed by gravel consisting of silica stone.

Throughout the process the grape’s potential is respected in its entirety, by implementing genuine, really unique and specific operations that impregnate this wine with its own unmistakable personality, style and identity which are one of a kind.

Fermentation takes place in French oak barrels which are pumped over on a daily basis.

Dark, cherry-red wine with a thick cap. Surprising on the nose with balsamic notes and an abundance of ripe fruit integrated with good wood.

On the palate, we obtain a dense and powerful mouth, showcasing the variety. An elegant silky, velvety wine with a persistent lingering aftertaste.

A wine that is ready to be enjoyed, although its structure enables it to go on evolving and improving in the bottle for several years.

botella de Gala Placidia

Legado de Gala Placidia

80% Garnacha – 20%Cariñena

The old vines selected form the basis of this particular wine: with the high mineral content of the soil lending the wine a subtlety of flavour. The vineyard chosen to make this wine is located 750 metres above sea level, thereby reducing the risk of frost in spring and allowing for the temperature on summer nights to oscillate between 10ºand 12ºC.

This all helps to rehydrate the plant, which will be vital for it to ripen properly and progressively, nurtured by the ‘cierzo’, a dry wind that reduces the humidity conditions so as to prevent certain types of plague

Manual harvesting in crates for subsequent unloading on the sorting table, where the best fruit will be selected. The grapes are then pressed in a vertical wine press with controlled pressure.

Fermentation takes place in French oak barrels with manual pumping over on a daily basis throughout a period of 25 to 30 days until the time comes for devatting.

In the glass, it has an intense cherry red colour, with a thick cap. Excellent nose, giving off aromas with amazing complexity, and showing a mix of balsamic aromas, ripe fruit and raisins from both grape varieties.

In the mouth, we find the “magic of the terroir” and ageing, as well as excellent quality in production, full of merit and risk, elevating this wine to the very height of excellence.


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